1956 Society - A Planned Giving Society Dedicated to the Future of the Brownville Historical Society

Make a difference through giving -

Do you desire to help shape the future of the Brownville Historical Society after your lifetime? If so, there are several ways you can do this by including the Brownville Historical Society in your will. Here are some suggestions:

  • Gifts of cash or securities - you can give a specific amount of cash or securities

  • Gifts of personal or real property - you leave certain personal or real property to the Society and allow the Board to decide whether it is better to keep or sell it

  • Gifts of estate - You can give a share or percentage of what is left in your estate after other obligations are met.

  • Contingent bequests - You can make a contingent bequest, where you give a part of your estate to someone if that person survives you; if not, then it goes to BHS.

  • Gift of life insurance - You can give a gift through life insurance with the Brownville Historical Society as the beneficiary.

  • Give a charitable gift - often a charitable gift is given in memory or honor of a person loved by the donor. The Historical Society is pleased to honor such a request.

Reflect on the past…think about your legacy.

Interested in learning more or notifying the Brownville Historical Society that you are joining the 1956 Society? Contact the BHS office by calling (402) 825-6001 or write to the Brownville Historical Society at 213 Main Street, PO Box 1, Brownville, NE 68321.