Every year since 1957, thousands of visitors have flocked to Brownville to find treasures of all sorts, and to enjoy a day or two in this historic village that is home to the Brownville Historical Society.
 Regardless of whether you attend the Spring or Fall market, you'll find antiques, plants, food, home spun items, tools, art, furniture and more...whatever our vendors find they are proud to bring to you.
     If you'd like to stay over night, be sure and make reservations early at one of Brownville's B & Bs...click here for info.

   Vendors...reserve your space for Brownville's
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Look at open spaces provided on the online map.
      Map legend: Red=Taken & Paid,
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   2. Go to the online payment option (below) and
       select from pull down menu.
   3. After you've selected your space/spaces,
       record the available space numbers you are requesting
       in the text field of the PayPal form.
   4. Once your online payment is confirmed  via email,
       we will validate your request, and mark the space taken.

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Directions to Brownville.
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